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The Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GlobalWIIN) formally known as GWIIN is an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to assisting and advancing women with bright inventions and innovations so that they can achieve success in the global marketplace.

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We are looking for exceptionally creative, inventive, innovative, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, technologists, designers from all sectors and background right across the world.

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On Wednesday 9 December 2020, GlobalWIIN publicly announced on the global virtual stage the 2020 ‘GlobalWIIN Overall Platinum Award’ winner as Khadeja S.H Ebrahem Alrefaie from Kuwait for her novel DNA Imaging technique. Her invention is a steppingstone to the advancement of genetic research, modifies the human system to target DNA and nuclear elements with high precision, minimal noise, and off-target effects.

Alongside, this exceeding success story is Mariagrazia Pizza from Italy whose long-years of scientific input into the creation of a new bacterial vaccine was also recognised with the 2020 ‘GlobalWIIN Diamond Award’, Ruby Raut from the United Kingdom bagged the ‘Best Consumer Product Award’ after blowing the judging panel’s expectations with a fashionable, yet highly sustainable, carbon neutral product amongst many other winning awardees.

GlobalWIIN initially set up in 1998 with a key focus on putting the spotlight on exceptionally inventive, innovative and creative ideas, highlighted its need to engage and encourage more young women and girls with bright minds after a group of ingenious students from Malaysia aced the Under-25 Awards with flying colours. Amongst these young ingenious minds, we have Annathalia Sandy Anthony, Reanne Richelle Munang, Natalie Charissa Cheong, Grace Sheera Chau, Praveena Anastasia Baskaran as well as Nadrah Natasha BT Hassan.


Also, triumphing in the high profile of winners for 2020 are: Engineer Farha Z. Al Kindy Of Oman winner of the Double Gold Innovation Award with her innovative job creation strategy for women through the capacity building of the Fishing Industry; Joint Double Gold Exceptional Creative Award winners Ragnhildur Agustsdottir From Iceland for her unique, live recreation of volcanic eruptions and Matilda Payne From Ghana for her trailblazing business development vowed to transform trash to treasures; Medical Social Innovation Award winner was attributed to Dr Nuha Awni Bader Abuyousef of Jordan for her rehabilitative eyelid solution to eye disorders such as the Dry Eye Syndrome, Exposure Keratitis and Bell’s palsy.

“…We were all super impressed with the standards of this year nomination and it made our job much challenging… ” – Mark Sheahan, Chair of the Independent Judging panel

The newly introduced category for ‘innovative leaders’ put the spotlight on the Diamond Innovative Leadership Award winner, Senator Nenadi Esther Usman from Nigeria for her high impact leadership on the empowerment of women as well as Sara Santori from Italy, winner of the Gold Innovative Leadership Award for transforming the largest leather manufacturing into a more sustainable production.

Recognising these lockdown times and the high demand for online learning and digital reliance of games, it is of little wonder that the Education Gold Award joint winners went to Lies Vermant of Belgium for bringing new ways of entertainment into the classroom, home or company, along with Maria Gudmundsdottir from Iceland for creating story-driven video games that awakens the adventurous side of stay-at-home players. The high standard of winners also included the Gold Paul Ambridge Male Champion Award winner, Julius Ingi Jonsson from Iceland as well as Social Innovation winner Raini Erja Ilona Kiukas from Finland for her newly high tech, combustible sanitary system; Gold IPAN Award winner Patience Nwodu from United Kingdom for her high quality reusable and biodegradable carrier, ideal for picnickers.

Dr Bola Olabisi, Founder & CEO of GlobalWIIN remarked on how impressed she is with the sheer determination and tenacity each and everyone of the awardees have in common. “Their outstanding impact on the lives of humankind against all odds deserve to be applauded.”



The call for Investors, innovators and exceptional creative people has begun. You are invited to nominate individuals and various organizations from across the globe including business, corporate industries , academic institutions, nominate ingenious minds that make great impact with ground breaking ideas.

They can be  new products processes or services. Nominate now






GlobalWIIN expands to the Middle East

GlobalWIIN signs MOU with Al-Saad Foundation for Knowledge and Scientific Research Kuwait

Dr Bola Olabisi, CEO of GlobalWIIN stated that she is absolutely honoured to welcome the Middle East network and delighted that this collaboration with the AL-Saad Foundation would assist with putting the invaluable recognition of the contribution that ingenious women from the Middle East bring to society and the world. “We look forward to the opportunity to put the spotlight on the well deserving women from across the Middle-East while embracing the international participation of various other countries.” Read More

GlobalWIIN welcomes three new Regional Presidents & Ambassadors

GlobalWIIN partners with CONNECT JUNGLE

This new partnership would assist GlobalWIIN members on its commerce platform that will enhance ability to reach new and returning customers. Connect Jungle is a web-based platform consisting of several services that allows its clients to utilize, in-order to create a virtual conference with virtual meetings. Clients such as mentors, lawyers, therapists, keynote speakers, influencers, public figures and other sectors will be able to provide their business online.

GlobalWIIN has access to Connect Jungle is built within a secure end to end encrypted environment. The video platform is 5 times more secure than its competitors and allows customers to be able to hold secure video conferences with HD quality, be able to send documents, verified guest email invitations, calendar scheduling, webinar (1 to many 200+), subscription to webinars and additional security capabilities such as room lock and IP clarification.

GlobalWIIN holds first of its Think Tanks on Gender Diversity for Innovative Leaders in the Energy Industry

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GlobalWIIN held its first Gender Diversity: Innovative Leadership Inclusion Think Tank which took place at the Marriot Hotel County Hall London 26 & 27 February 2020


We know the business world largely consists of majority men. I’m not here to reiterate reality but I am going to question it. Growing on an entrepreneurial journey, a powerful lesson once flipped my perception of sales. As a British Creative, uncomfortable with the concept of ‘selling myself’ it was refreshing to realize ‘sales’ was not about me. Read More


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Margaret Vilborg Bjarnadottir GWIIN Overall Winner

Overall GlobalWIIN Platinum Award Winner 2019

MARGRET VILBORG BJARNADOTTIR from Iceland is the founder of PayAnalytics & Assistant. She is also a Professor of Management Science and Statistics. PayAnalytics is a solution for eliminating the gender pay gap and arming HR professionals with quantitative decision-making tools. Margaret won the Award in 2019 at the GlobalWIIN Awards. For more information visit her website on https://www.payanalytics.com/

GlobalWIN launches Learning Courses for the ingenious minded



The leading platform is the frst of its kind. It provides access a global outreach that thrive on developing sustainable ideologies. Join us in the nurturing of an effective and sustainable learning that creates impact for the masses across nations ...