The 3 Awards

Nominations Open

The GlobalWIIN Awards is a celebration and acknowledgement of anyone or any organisation that deserves recognition and appreciation for being exceptionally creative, inventive or innovative. They reveal leadership qualities of tenacity, the determination to succeed, commitment and extraordinary potentials. They demonstrate positive influence that can transcend border or they simply have something that can contribute to the future and quality of life on earth.

“They may have created a new device or system or process capable of impacting millions of people for the better. They may be brilliant scientists, or the inspired designers of simple, cheap technologies. They may have leadership qualities, attract loyalty and respect. They may inspire the support of colleagues and employees. They may build powerful teams, capable of dramatically leveraging the impact of their efforts. They are likely to be relentless in pursuing their goals. They hardly ever give up”

Dr Bola Olabisi FRSA, CEO GlobalWIIN


The GlobalWIIN Awards

Specific focus on women that are exceptional creative, inventive or innovative with astonishing solutions that impact lives.

The Global-GEIT Awards

Particular focus on individuals and institutions that are extraordinary in the field of Education and Innovation and have transformed lives

Gender Diversity

Innovative Leadership Inclusion in Industry Awards – specifically for industries that have demonstrated their ability to boost innovation by establishing diverse leadership teams.