Q: I have a brilliant idea and need help?
A: With all due respect anyone can come up with an idea, and pretty good ones too. It is what you do with that idea that really matters. We suggest, you are clear about your intentions bearing in mind that you may be in for a lengthy challenging time should you decide to take your idea further.

Q: I have decided to develop my idea can you help?
A: GlobalWIIN would like to assist you in whatever way we can. We would however advise that you become a member of GlobalWIIN in order to benefit from the various support and opportunities we provide. By becoming a member of GlobalWIIN we strive to ensure that you have access to various specialists as well as the company of other inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs who could also be of assistance.

Q: Will you get my idea to market?
A: GlobalWIIN is never able to give any guarantees however by belonging to a network that supports you, it is likely that you would be in a better position to determine if you should carry on with the development of the idea or if you should have a rethink on whether it is worth going ahead and save yourself a lot of money. Whatever the case, GlobalWIIN could assist you in your SWOT analysis from the start.

Q: Should I protect my idea?
A: This would depend on what your idea is. Is it a concept, system or method for doing something? It would depend on how far you want to go with it. You would need to think of the financial implications if any. Remember Intellectual  property law is rather complex so we strongly advice that you get professional advice. GlobalWIIN is able to assist its members (depending on the country) by providing the opportunity to receive complimentary consultation with our partner patent or trade attorneys.

Q: Why are you excluding men?
A: First, a point of correction, men are quite welcome to attend and participate in our activities. In fact, many men are great supporters of GlobalWIIN and understand the fundamental importance of our work. We however have a specific focus on women as many areas argue in favour of promoting women activities. By the European statistics the percentage of women accessing venture capital for setting up a business is only 20.3% compared with 79.9% of men. It is also estimated that the number of women who own a business in Science and Technology is only 5-15% depending on the country in Europe with less than 9% of women inventors in Europe being granted patents. Empowering women by setting up women’s support initiatives benefits economic and social growth worldwide.

Q: Can you help me to raise the necessary funds I need to develop my product and get it to market
A: Access to finance is one of the biggest challenges most face, even more so for most lone inventors and innovators. GlobalWIIN could however assist you with the following which may make it easier for you to access funding:

– Help with business planning
– Access to relevant training and valuable information sessions
– Strategic guidance and mentoring as well as pitching opportunities
– Sign posting to our specialists in intellectual property rights, product development, marketing, investment and international trading

Q: Can networking really work?
A: Expanding your contacts in the world of invention and innovation via networking is a way of breaking down the barrier of working in isolation. Meeting the right person at the right time could help make a big difference. GWIIN provides the networking platform to assist with sharing  ideas, advice, knowledge and opinions on innovation.is an inexpensive way.