Inventor of a tool for eliminating the gender pay gap wins the top prize at the 2019 Global Women Inventors and Innovators Awards

Margaret Vilborg Bjarnadottir GWIIN OverallWinner

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the global organisation GWIIN which recognises outstanding women inventors and innovators from around the world

Margaret Vilborg BjarnadottirMargaret Vilborg Bjarnadottir, from Iceland is crowned the overall Inventor & Innovator Platinum Award Winner at the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) awards for her invention PayAnalytics, a solution for HR for eliminating the gender pay gap.
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The event on 28 June celebrated the inspirational inventions by women who want to reinvent and improve our world. Women from several different nations entered the awards which were presented in London at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce as well as the Park Plaza, Hotel, London, England. The gathering was an opportunity for talented, entrepreneurial women to network and showcase their inventions and innovations.

The theme of this year’s conference and awards was “Is Ingenuity enough to grow?”.  Founder of the GWIIN event, Bola Olabisi, is still passionate about helping more women to make a success of their ideas even though getting off the ground can be tough. She says: “In our 21st year, we continue to encourage women to share their inventions and develop them commercially to improve the way that we live. We have had some outstanding entries again this year and I would like to congratulate all of our entrants as well as the main winner”.

“Women are often under-represented in many areas of life but have so much to offer if provided the right platform and opportunity. We therefore would like to give many of women this opportunity to take their ideas up to the next level and recognise their achievements as this is no easy task. GWIIN serves as that one stop shop for support and assistance.”

There were several other categories of winners apart from the overall winners which are listed below:

GWIIN 2019 Winners


MARGRET VILBORG BJARNADOTTIR from Iceland is the founder of PayAnalytics & Assistant. She is also a Professor of Management Science and Statistics. PayAnalytics is a solution for eliminating the gender pay gap and arming HR professionals with quantitative decision-making tools.


  • Dr RAFIZA ABD RAZAK from the University of Malaysia Perlis, a researcher into productive uses for Lusi mud.
  • JENAN ESAM SALEH ALSHEHAB from Kuwait, the creator of the new technology – “Wireless electricity” for producing electromagnetic cell generators.


Associate Professor Ts. Dr Ervina Efzan Binti Mhd Noor from Malaysia, researcher wins for how to convert banana stem into glass.


Professor Dr Siriwan Suebnukarn from Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand wins for training capacities for surgical decision-making and for refining physical training skills with automated tutor systems.


  • FABIA GOZZO, PhD – CEO and Founder: Excelsus Structural Solutions SPRL wins for developing easy access to state of the art, synchrotron-based characterization tools to the pharmaceutical industry, in order to enhance the selection, development and manufacturing of high-quality (bio) pharmaceutical products.
  • DR. MARIA GRAZIA PIANCINO, a physician orthognathodontist University of Turin-Italy developed an orthognathodontic medical device to move the teeth in a physiological way minimising trauma and reducing the potential for side effects.


CHARITY ANNAN ADUPONG from Ghana is the entrepreneur behind Meannan Foods which is a company that specialises in food processing and food packaging to make local foods attractive to all. Charity is also helping to fight high protein deficiency in children with whole lines of cereals which are soya based.

PLATINUM EXCEPTIONAL CREATIVITY CATEGORY WINNER 2019 for outstanding ingenuity to society

TETYANA (TANYA) MULESA founded Cleverstein – a strap over a shoe, which holds various accessories to transform its style and look.


GAYNOR MORGAN of C&G Medicare Ltd has developed a range of incontinence products for women and men including IncoStress™ and pessaries for pelvic organ prolapse issues.

Editor’s Notes

Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to assisting and advancing women with bright inventions and innovations so that they can achieve success in the global marketplace. The organisation has helped more than 1675 women over the years.

List of GWIIN Special Recognition Awardees 2019

KRISTIN BRYNJA GUNNARSDOTTIR Architect / Designer, einrúm ehf Handknit designs and yarn that builds on the ideology of slow fashion, where the customers are the producers of the garments they wear: they choose the process, the time-frame, the material and the colour they want for their garment and thereby achieve sustainability.

THORBJORG HELGA VIGFUSDOTTIR Founder and CEO of Kara connect ehf Kara: a browser based connectivity platform that takes care of all the administrative needs of the therapists (security, consent, calendar, booking system, reminders, financials, timeline, team overview, secure health notes and chat as well as online portal).

MINTUU RATY & TINA WIKSTROM Laurea University, of Applied Sciences Multi-sensory space concept addressing challenging issues as stereotypes, emotional aspects, multicultural education and immigrant inclusion, overall wellness promotion and community cohesion.

MAUD ALMA BADDOO of Maud’s Shitto Light Chilli Sauce with an allergic resistance to shrimps while taking into consideration a lower percentage of oil.

Dr. ALIDA ABDULLAH School Of Materials Engineering & Faculty Of Engineering Technology, UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PERLIS, (UNIMAP) The development of lightweight aggregate for structural insulating concrete with low temperature processing by using the geopolymer technology with the use of industrial by product.

DR RAFIZA ABD RAZAK Center of Excellence Geopolymer and Green Technology (CEGEOGTECH), School of Materials Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis Research into solving LUSI mud by converting to lightweight aggregate production due to high silica and alumina compositions that consume to high strength properties.

ASSOC. PROF. TS. DR. ERVINA EFZAN BINTI MHD NOOR Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University, Malaysia. Deputy Director Research Management Centre/Lecturer Saving cost by using banana stem as raw material to develop glass without involving much usage of material which is expensive compared to banana stem which is a waste material.

THANGESWARY A/P ANNAMALLAI & KAVITHA A/P ARUMUGHAM & PUSPA A/P WILRY SJK Tamil Kajang Biosoil is capable of converting food leftovers and organic by products to soil. It is a simple design according to the need and wants of the customers to make recycling easy.

OLUKEMI ATIJOSAN is the Managing Director & Food Consultant, Avarah Flour, Eagle Solutions Services. A 15-stage preparation process, versatile, single-ingredient product with no added colours, flavours or preservatives, naturally gluten free and comes with a low glycemic load which makes it suitable for those with many challenging medical conditions.

SUSANNAH WEILAND COLLECTIONS with her Hand drawn, embroidered and beaded textile products and prints for luxury interiors.

JUDY WATSON the Millennium Nutritionist, Nutrition MOT A cost effective way to support people in making positive life changing decisions with food while providing knowledge transfer and training.

SABA EL KUFAISHI of Fay Bijoux Accessories/jewellery Brand gold plated brass based jewellery pieces set with swarovski crystals or faux pearls.

For more information, please contact:
Bola Olabisi, Founder & Director on +44 7956 501727 or

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