GlobalWIIN welcomes new Regional Presidents & Ambassadors

Eng. Jenan Al-Shahab
CEO, Middle East Women Inventors & Innovators Network (MEWIIN)

Madelein Mkunu MBA President, Pan African Inventors & Innovators Network (PAWIIN)

Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir President, European Inventors & Innovators Network (EUWIIN)

Eng. Jenan, is the founder and CEO of Electrodis Est. which she established in 2016. She was specially recognised with GlobalWIIN Awards which included the  Double Gold Award that took place in June 2019 in London, UK.  Eng. Jenan’s business venture is considered to be the first of its kind in the region. The start-up manufactures electromagnetic cells to provide power to electronics in general. After visiting Orlando, U.S, Jenan registered and successfully finished the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) offered by NASA and went on to climb Mt. Everest. During an 8-day hike, she made it to the world’s highest peak on her first attempt. “I had several breakdowns and wanted to give up on the way. But I didn’t stop, and this is what matters.”


Jenan is currently focusing all her efforts on her business and her master’s degree thesis. But she has not forgotten about her other innovations. She recently received (July 2019) a patent from the USPTO “United States Patent Office” for her invention “Wireless Power transmission System”

Madelein Mkunu is the International Development Practioner at Leading Women of Africa, one of the most influential business women’s networks in Africa. A dynamic Management, MBA and development studies graduate, she plays a pivotal role on various national, regional and international platforms.

She brings extensive experience in design and delivery of educational programmes with specific focus on Leadership, Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

Investment: Ability to build a pipeline of projects in key sectors covering: Energy, Infrastructure Development, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Education Capability to identify and evaluate investment opportunities and to structure investment deals.

As an International Development Practitioner with a focus on African women affairs, she specialises in policy design, gender advocacy and mainstreaming strategies in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) until 2015, the recent Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the African Woman Decade which ends in year 2020, the Agenda 2063, the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) and the recent African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).  As an international public speaker for numerous companies and training facilitator for Academic Institutions, Multinational Companies, International Institutions and Government across America, Europe and Africa. As a women’s empowerment strategist, she has presented policy recommendations on various gender and development issues for platforms such as: Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC), China-Africa Cooperation at China-Africa Think Tanks Forum II, China-Africa Business Council (Hong Kong), Investment Climate and Business Environment Research Fund (ICBE), Vital Voices – USA, Strategic Framework Committee on gender and women’s economic empowerment at the DTI – South Africa.

Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir is the Founder and Chairman of KVENN. She is a business owner and a director of Elinora’s Royal Natural Snack,


She is a mentor and a coach for inventors and innovators. She is hosts  a weekly program about inventors and innovators at the Icelandic TV station INN. This program is called Frumkvöðlar (Innovators).
KVENN (IWIIN)was formally founded in 2007. Their goal is to connect inventive women in Iceland and to cooperate with similar associations globally, rewarding women for their invention by taking part and planning exhibitions and conferences in Iceland and internationally in cooperation with both men and women.


Elinora has won several awards in recognition of her work and her invention.