Luisa Torsi’s printable biological sensor wins European Woman Inventor of the Year Award 2015

Luisa Torsi

Luisa Torsi, the inventor of a ground-breaking electronic circuit which can be printed on plastic or paper to become a biological sensor, has won the European Woman Inventor of the Year 2015 award, the top honour at an awards event organised by the European Women Inventors & Innovators Network (EUWIIN). Other winners were also announced for other categories. Judges chose the pioneering medical breakthrough of Luisa Torsi, from Italy, which is low-cost, disposable, non-invasive and outperforms other biological sensing technology.

She received her award at the European Women Inventor and Innovation Network Awards 2015 at the British Library last night (Wednesday, 14 October). The event was organised by the Global Women’s Inventors & Innovators Network to promote invention and innovation by women. Luisa, an academic from the University of Bari Aldo Moro, said her invention would revolutionise point of care diagnostics. She said: “Nowadays, if you run a blood strip test, you have to assess the output through an analysis in a laboratory or clinic. “With this device you can skip that step because the quality of the data is immediately good enough to use for diagnostic purposes. “On top of all this, it has the potential of being non-invasive because saliva can be used instead of blood serum and the circuit can detect very low concentrations of bio-markers.”

One of the judges, CIPA Council member Vicki Salmon, said: “Luisa has a platform technology which can be developed into practice that could revolutionise life for GPs and patients.”

Other women inventors received awards for their inventions and innovations in other categories:

The EUWIIN Innovator of the Year 2015

Fariba Khandarian for FaribaTec, a system for purifying waste water from industrial processes.


The winner of an International Award 2015

Roselove Frempong for Asmisol, a product that stimulates wound healing


The winner of an International Award 2015:

Dr Noorhafiza Muhammad for Laser Manufactured Coronary Stents


The winner of the Under 25 Platinum Award:

Nor Hamiza Hanis Bt Tan Tawi for Gelatine made from plants


The winner of the Under 25 gold award:

HsiehHsin-Chieh for The Magnetic Eraser


The winner of the Under 25 Silver Award:

Huang,Yu-Hsiang for The Elevating Closet


The winner of the Research & Product Development Award:

Dr Albini Adriana for the Antiangiogenic use of liquid phytocomplexes from olives


The winner of the Social Innovation & Capacity Building award:

Sari Jääskeläinen & Pia Kiviharju for Seniori365, an internet wellbeing service for senior citizens and their caregivers


The winner of the Exceptional Creativity award: 

Ylva Dalén for Hoppolek, a medical device for play and mobility and Movego, a mobility aid

The awards were the culmination of a two-day event which attracted delegates from across Europe and around the world, featuring an exhibition of inventions at Regents University on Tuesday and a conference at the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA). Full awards results below.


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