Overall GlobalWIIN Platinum Award Winner 2019, MARGRET VILBORG BJARNADOTTIR from Iceland is the founder of PayAnalytics & Assistant.

She is also a Professor of Management Science and Statistics. PayAnalytics is a solution for eliminating the gender pay gap and arming HR professionals with quantitative decision-making tools. Margaret won the Award in 2019 at the GlobalWIIN Awards. For more information visit her website on

GlobalWIIN launches bitesize on-line courses for the Ingenious minded.

A first of its kind to focus specifically on the ingenious minded. Its unigueness are three important aspects – (1) courses are designed in nutshells so you can grasp easily and within a short amount of time (2) It is designed specifically for the ingenious minded (3) It as a global outreach in connecting to tutors and coaches with invaluable knowledge and experiences. In a nutshell, benefits include access to bite-size courses based on skills, knowledge and mostly practical experience. It was designed to assist in building capacity as well as a global connection while unfolding the maze of specific sectors in the intellectual world. Many would be able to learn and test their capabilities within the workplace, learning institutions, business environment and home-front. This is a continuous development programme on a professional or personal basis and will assist in enhancing market and transferable skills for business and employment opportunities.

GlobalWIIN partners with Connect Jungle

GlobalWIIN is delighted to have partnered with Connect Jungle who compared to other competitors has a platform that is 100% more secure. A major benefit is from having access to secure flexible and easy to integrate functions for many of our virtual activities.