The GWIIN Conferences and Fundamental Training Programmes

Knowledge exchange platform focusing primarily on relevant issues relating to intellectual property rights, growing enterprises; the unleashing of the entrepreneurial potential, capacity building leading to the empowerment of women with a particular focus on exceptionally creative ideas, innovation and technologies.

The GWIIN Workshops

A series of half day to one day workshops on a range of important and crucial topics.

The GWIIN Personal and Community Development Mastery Seminar Programmes

Programmes tailored to the needs of women while providing the opportunity to maximise leadership potentials. With a team of senior level Operational Directors and expertise in various aspects of capacity building, GWIIN provides a one-stop shop for much needed assistance in design, technology, product development to ensure success and a measurable competitive edge.

The GWIIN Showcases

Providing an opportunity to exhibit & promote the many unique processes, services and products.

The GWIIN Awards

Specialists in organising and creating a judging process that is fair and of international standard and a platform that recognises the achievements of women inventors and innovators in the various sectors, regions and continents of the world.

The GWIIN Research, Development & Evaluation Programs

Bringing the facts and figures that really matter.

GWIIN’s Services also include: 

For Organisations  & Government Departments:

• Training & Information Sessions

• Community Development

• Organisational change

• Project Development & Management

• Analysis for Researchers

• Investigation & Finding

• Equal Opportunity & Diversity Issues

• Social & Business Etiquette

For Individuals:

• Independent Advice

• Promotion & Marketing Opportunities

• Demystifying Intellectual Property Rights

• Personal Development

• Product Development

• Marketing & Product Launches

• Training & Information Sessions

• Access to Finance

• Social & Business Etiquette