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It has been a life changing experience and the discovery of my personal power with Kate Harper as my Coach. Kate’s ability to coach me into taking a good look at my potential while remaining focused has definitely helped me to learn and grow. Kate’s ability to empower and inspire through her coaching methods have been invaluable to me and my vision. I am a lot more confident in my attitude and taking new steps. I truly believe that everyone at some stage in their life needs a coach.” Bola Olabisi – Founder, GWIIN

Kate Harper

Kate Harper

Kate Harper gave up her job as an Engineer after realizing that she was hungry for fulfilling work. She never lost her fundamental belief that it is possible to love what we do. Now Kate’s work allows her to use her unique talents of listening for what is important and speaks in a way that inspires. Kate Harper is a credentialed executive coach. She is a specialist and expert in cultivating leaders at all levels to gain a clear view of their own thinking and how it helps or hinders them; to master new interpersonal skills; to locate and tap into resources; and to commit to action that leads to results.

Kate has recently co-authored the book -‘Pause: 52 Ways to Shift Any Outcome in Less Than a Minute’

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