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Founder & CEO, Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network

Bola Olabisi, social innovator and co-author of the book ‘Colourful Journeys in Women’s Shoes’ uses her research, personal experience and case studies to illustrate the crucial elements of creativity and innovation in relation to essential leadership qualities for the advancement of the workplace and business environment while taking gender diversity into consideration.

A little about Bola Olabisi, the Founder
Bola has over 18 years of experience in working in community development and capacity building programmes. She founded GWIIN in 1998 with the aim of recognizing the achievements of innovative women and highlighting key barriers that restrict their growth potential. Bola uses the GWIIN initiative to provide cost effective services that provide a unique opportunity to bridge existing gaps when it comes to the low level of representation of inventive women in the marketplace. She shares her ideas, experiences and insights and is committed to developing an inclusive society that allows for creativity, invention and innovation. Bola’s work includes working with Government departments, leading industry experts, voluntary organizations, enterprises and educational departments to find effective ways of bringing the support, assistance, tools, advice and information that can assist women in achieving significant growth in their businesses and careers. Bola’s work has since extended into Europe under the European Union Women Inventors & Innovators Network. Bola has also expanded her work into several countries including Britain, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, USA, Spain, Hong Kong, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, India, Iceland, France, Nigeria, Morocco, Singapore and Mexico. Bola is also the Vice President of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs and President, African Women of Essence International – an Alliance of African Women in the Diaspora Linking with Africa.

If you would like to invite Bola Olabisi as a Guest Speaker please contact her agent, Sharon Miller at office@gwiin.com