Ida Cham Njai

IDA CHAM NJAI from the Gambia wins IPAN Sponsored GOLD AWARD 2021 for her impact in cultural tourism with her Yabouy Home Cooking. Chairman of IPAN, John Ogier stated that GlobalWIIN represents so much of what IPAN desires to achieve through entrepreneurial awareness, innovation, enterprise, diversity and access to opportunity.
“Increasing numbers of inventors and innovators are women, who have demonstrated great determination to succeed in bringing their innovations to the global marketplace. Intellectual Property (IP) – the innovators’ intangible but very valuable assets – are an essential part of the 21st century enterprise. The IP value can be present whether the product is a physical good or a virtual service. Together, we can empower and enable a new generation of ingenious minded and commercially aware entrepreneurs” J. P. Ogier. Yabouy Home Cooking involves a visit to Gambia to experience the traditions of cooking organic locally sourced food and fashion wear for a lasting experience. It is unique in its proposition, preparation, and service delivery and attracts a significant national and international audience. Ida has extended her creativity by conducting training for institutions and communities for other cultures to emulate without compromise on quality and her ingenuity.