Research and Development

Anna Maria Petursdottir
innovator of Cool-Wool ehf.

A ground breaking product to revolutionize food logistics. It is an eco-friendly box made of recyclable material ( wool and cardboard) with superior insulation capabilities that contribute to lower the environmental impact of the fish industry through a circular economy approach. Our CW Box aims at replacing pervasive EPS boxes by harnessing the outstanding insulation power of sheep wool and cardboard in an eco-friendly way. This keeps the fish fresh during transport and allows traceability thanks to built in temperature sensors.


From a family of self-taught herbalists. She has developed a new healing treatment, Green Balm, using Iceland wild yarrow for the treatment of burn wounds. She is also the developer and producer of a herbal cosmetic range ‘Taer Icelandic’, which carries the coveted ‘Organic Product of Iceland’