GlobalWIIN Conferences is not just a talk shop event it is
based on knowledge, competence and application.
GlobalWIIN Conferences is not just a talk shop event it is
based on knowledge, competence and application.

About Us

GLOBALWIIN aims to bridge the gender gap and find effective ways of bringing support, tools and information to empower women in achieving significant growth. From building digital infrastructures, new science to low technology, high viability concepts and products.

Our key objectives

Increasing the success rate of women’s originality & marketability of their developed concept, product or service.


Accessing support for seed capital from government and university programs including spin-out companies.


Stimulating wider inclusiveness and the exchange of knowledge in areas such as the use of technology, science, engineering, intellectual property rights, access to finance, international trade, equity and commercialization.


Developing business growth with characteristics that reinvent, set industry standards and radically create changes with impact.


Creation of initiatives that provide opportunities to benchmark skills, re-train, re-skill, re-tool and take advantage of current and emerging opportunities.


Strive to ensure that official innovation strategies, policies and projects take gender diversity into consideration with the need to develop effective policy goals and a range of applied services designed to contribute to social and economic growth.


Dr Bola Olabisi FRSA

Founder & CEO, GlobalWIIN
GlobalWIIN Creator, Author, Gender Diversity & Innovative Leadership Inclusion Consultant

Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE

Founder WinTrade Global

Mark Sheahan FRSA

Inventor, Chair, GlobalWIIN Judging Panel, Business & IP Centre’s Inventor in Residence, and President of the Institute of Inventors & Patentees

Angela Strachan

Vice Chair, GlobalWIIN Judging Panel & International Trade Expert

Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, PhD (Special Adviser, Asia Pacific)

Professor in Construction Materials, Director, Research Management Centre (RMC), Center of Excellence Geopolymer and Green Technology (CEGeoGTech), Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Anne-Mari Rannamäe

President QUIN Women Inventors Estonia

Adebayo Jones

Chairman & Creative Director
Sustainable Eco-Friendly Lifestyle, Fashion Designer & Specialist

Abdul Rahim

Director, Crowdhelix- Collaboration Intelligence

Catherine Renner (Special Adviser, USA)

Founder & Editor in Chief, LiveStreamTimez

Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir (Special Adviser Europe)

Inventor, Founder, KVENN, President, EUWIIN (Europe) Board Member Institute Federation Women Network Expert Board

Elizabeth Q. Osawaru

Social, Economic & Communication Consultant

Maila Hakala

Founder, Past President, Quin Finland – Innovative Women in Finland

Madelein Mkunu (Special Adviser, Africa)

President, PAWIIN & Leading Women of Africa

Nidaa Sabbagh (Special Adviser Middle East)

Economic, Social & Humanitarian Consultant

Shirley Onabiyi

Solicitor (Managing Partner) – Sigisville Solicitors

Teuta Avdyli

Author, Transformational & Parenting Coach

Gaynor Morgan

Director, C&G Medicare