Keeping it Real: Life Experiences & Mentoring Videos
Five minute snippets ‘On The Sofa Conversation’ Series
Can every idea be protected? DR HAYLEIGH BOSHER
Overcoming challenges and developing self-qualities – Deborah Leary OBE
A good product should bring a good solution and strong IP: MARK SHEAHAN
GlobalWIIN ON THE SOFA #2: Setback and positive approach – DR CAROL NKAMBULE
Research, protection and attracting buyers: GAYNOR MORGAN
GlobalWIIN on the Sofa #20: Discovering purpose, passion and getting started. ADEBAYO JONES
GlobalWIIN on the Sofa #10: Manufacturing, Brand, Supply and Quality Control: KATRINA ARMITAGE
Succeeding with creativity & confidence: SELINA BEBAAKO MENSAH
Contributing to technology with wireless electricity: ENG JENAN AL SHEHAB
Understanding the importance of mentorship: PRINCESS MORADEUN
Transferable skills and using experience in future: CHRISTINA IOANNIDIS
Developing potentials, passion and support of others: LORLETT HUDSON FRSA

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Case Studies – Downloads

Some case study interviews – for more, please contact the GlobalWIIN office