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WIPO IP Diagnostics

With WIPO IP Diagnostics you can undertake a basic diagnostic of the intellectual property (IP) situation of your business. It is in the form of a questionnaire with several sections that will ask you questions on different IP topics (e.g. innovative products, trademarks, licensing, designs, internationalisation, etc.).


Enterprising Ideas: A Guide to Intellectual Property for Startups/

This publication introduces startups to IP. Through step-by-step guidance, useful case studies and simple checklists, it illustrates how small businesses can use IP to remain competitive and manage risks. Written for startups bringing an innovative technology-based solution to market, the guide will be useful to any entrepreneur wanting to get to grips with the IP system.


IP for Startups – Infographic


This infographic will take you through the important Intellectual Property (IP) issues which should be considered at different phases of a startup’s journey. The journey of a startup is not always a straight line. There may be many stops and starts and, sometimes, two steps forward and three steps back.

GlobalWIINGuide on Patents for SMEs 

Inventing the Future; An Introduction to Patents for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

In today’s knowledge economy, companies must constantly innovate and come up with new ideas and solutions to stay ahead. These innovative ideas and solutions may be protected by patent rights. This guide explains the patent system and how businesses may use it in their business strategy in simple and practical terms.

WIPO International Patent Drafting Training Program

A WIPO International Patent Drafting Training Program has been developed by WIPO in cooperation with the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI). The Program also provides WIPO member states with the opportunity to integrate the Program in their national/regional qualification and training of patent professionals through signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WIPO.

Intellectual Property Finance

Most companies need capital to scale, grow and sometimes survive at some point. Yet when seeking finance, few companies tap into one of their most valuable assets, their intellectual property.

Guides: Intellectual Property for Business

To many, intellectual property (IP) is a rather obscure legal concept that can only be properly understood and applied by those who are specially trained. These guides are designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) especially to understand why it is important to pay attention to IP, and what benefits can be drawn from its use.